Even Tesla Not Safe From Possible Crypto Problems

Not even large international companies are safe from possible crypto-coin problems, and the latest case occurred with Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA).

Researchers at RedLock security company have revealed that a set of users will have gained access to Tesla cloud servers on Amazon, and have been used for crypto-coin mining.

This is not the first time that Amazon’s servers, associated with large companies, are under attack to mine crypto-coins. Last year Gemalto, the largest SIM card maker in the world, was the target of a similar attack, and even Microsoft had to go through the same problem after a set of credentials from its servers were accessed.

In the case of Tesla, the attack began to occur after access to the Kubernetes program management console, a free software used to manage applications and services from multiple Cloud servers.

During the attack, criminals will have placed the malware on the systems in a way that they can remotely access, and then proceeded with the installation of the mining software.

In order to avoid detection, the software has been configured to mining with a reduced amount of resources, which is why it may have gone unnoticed by those responsible for the systems.

In addition to the malware installation, the researchers believe that the attack may also have compromised some of Tesla’s private data, including analytics data for its cars. However, sensitive or personal data are not believed to have been accessed, and Tesla has already revealed that it has run the problem on affected servers.

Earlier this month, Tesla ease investor concerns somewhat by delivering Q4 earnings that topped market expectations, reiterating that the electric car maker is still on its way to reach its latest Model 3 output target. The stock earned $3.04, beating analysts’forecast by $0.09. Revenue of $3.29 billion was also slightly above the $3.28 billion expectation.